Primary Care Package

Health4All Assist is a basket of benefits exclusively available to registered members. Health4All is not a Medical Aid Scheme and do not replace any Medical Aid benefits. Health4All is a Health Assist Membership Program.

Primary Care Benefits include


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Legal Assist Line

Legal Assistance Line and 1st Consultation with Attorney is Free
Bail Assist up to 
R 6,000

Should a client be confronted with arrest and a subsequent bail application, the telephonic legal advisors would assist with professional, practical legal advice and guidance, 24/7. The registered member, spouse and dependent children under the age of 21 are eligible. Should a registered member be arrested for minor infringements with a bail of less than R 6,000, an Attorney will handle the case and bail will be posted 24/7.

Credit Investigation Services

Consumer Legal will investigate any consumer credit agreement accounts including Garnishing Orders, free of charge. Members qualify for Bad credit record removal (ITC Clearance) services at discount rates. Members qualify for all Consumer related legal action at discounted rates with the 1st consultation Free.

Regenerative Medicine Treatment

Up to R 2,000 assistance for Regenerative Medicine Treatment. Regenerative Medicine Treatment includes Stem Cell and Cell-based treatment. Maximum 4 treatments per year at a StemMed Doctor Network Practitioner. There is 3-month waiting period on this benefit, and is only supplied by StemMed Dr’s Network.

Unlimited GP Consultations

At any Unity Health Network GP. Pre-authorisation required for 10 or more GP or Nurse visits per person per annum. We have over 3000 Unity Health network doctors nationwide. For your nearest network doctor call our Call Centre on 086 136 6006 or search for a network doctor on your Unity Health App or on our website by logging into your member portal.

GP Procedures

Minor procedures in doctors’ rooms are included in GP visits e.g. wound stitching, applying a cast to a broken arm, circumcision, etc.

Unlimited Nurse Consultations

Nurse consultations available at approved pharmacies (Clicks, Dischem & Pick n Pay) for minor ailments. In many practices, nurses can provide scripts for minor ailments for up to schedule 2 medications. Pre-authorisation required for 10 or more GP or Nurse visits per person per annum.

Specialist Consultation

Limited to R 1,350 per visit with an overall limit of R 2,800 per family per year. Referral by Unity Health Network GP and pre-authorisation required.

Acute Medication

Dispensing GP: This means your GP dispenses medication and will provide you with the necessary medication. Non-Dispensing GP: Unlimited. Limited to medication prescribed during your Network GP visits. This means your Network GP does not provide you with medication but will provide you with a prescription to collect your medication. Available at approved pharmacies (Clicks, Dischem & Pick n Pay).

Chronic Medication

Chronic Medication Programme: 27 Listed “high impact” Conditions2 HIV/AIDS included. Chronic condition: A condition / disease that lasts for an extended period of time. Chronic Medication Programme: Your Network GP will assist you to register on the Chronic Medication Programme with Mediscor. Your prescribed chronic medicines will be covered according to a set formulary. Find the chronic medication formulary (list) on Mediscor’s website: Approved pharmacies include Clicks, Dischem, Pick n Pay & Medicos’. Addison’s Disease; Asthma; Bi-polar Mood Disorder; Bronchiectasis; Cardiac Failure; Cardiomyopathy Disease; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder; Chronic Renal Disease; Coronary Artery Disease; Crohn’s Disease; Diabetes Insipidus; Diabetes Type 1&2; Dysrhythmias; Epilepsy; Glaucoma; Haemophilia; HIV/AIDS; Hyperlipidaemia; Hypertension; Tuberculosis;  Multiple Sclerosis; Parkinson’s Disease; Rheumatoid Arthritis; Schizophrenia; Systemic Lupus Erythematosus; Tuberculosis; Ulcerative Colitis.

Basic & Emergency Dentistry Treatment

Limited to R 1,350 per person per incident. Treatment includes full mouth assessment, intra oral radiographs, scale & polish, extractions, emergency root canal treatment, fillings, pain and sepsis treatment. Only available at Unity Health Dentists. Specialised dentistry/treatment, such as bridgework or crowns; orthodontic treatment; and dentures are not covered.


One eye test per person per year. A standard frame to the value of R 254 and one pair of clear standard spectacle lenses per person per 24 months. Available at PPN Network Optometrists.


Basic list of blood tests at a Designated Service Provider. Your Network GP must ask for these tests to be done. E.g. blood sugar or cholesterol tests.


Black & white X-rays only at a Designated Service Provider. Your Network GP has to refer you to have X-rays done. Specialised radiology such as MRI / CT Scans is not covered.


2 gynaecologists visits, 2 ultrasound scans per year. Limited to R 3,425 per family per annum. Pre-authorisation is required. 1-month general waiting period, no pre-existing condition exclusions, 12 month waiting period for chronic medication & optometry and 9 month waiting period for pre-birth maternity.

Pap Smear

Available once every 3 years after the age of 21 at Approved pharmacies (Clicks, Dischem & Pick n Pay). Your Network GP may offer Pap Smears. 

Vaccination Program

Influenza: Available annually – needs to be administered by 31 May each year. Tetanus: Available once every 10 years. Hepatitis A & B: Available once-off. Pneumococcal: Available once every 5 years for those aged 60 or older and for those individuals with medically proven compromised immune system. Available at Approved pharmacies (Clicks, Dischem & Pick n Pay)

Special Notes