Hospital Care Package

Health4All Assist is a basket of benefits exclusively available to registered members. Health4All is not a Medical Aid Scheme and do not replace any Medical Aid benefits. Health4All is a Health Assist Membership Program.

Hospital Care Benefits include


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Legal Assist Line

Legal Assistance Line and 1st Consultation with Attorney is Free
Bail Assist up to
R 6,000

Should a client be confronted with arrest and a subsequent bail application, the telephonic legal advisors would assist with professional, practical legal advice and guidance, 24/7. The registered member, spouse and dependent children under the age of 21 are eligible. Should a registered member be arrested for minor infringements with a bail of less than R 6,000, an Attorney will handle the case and bail will be posted 24/7.

Credit Investigation Services

Consumer Legal will investigate any consumer credit agreement accounts including Garnishing Orders, Free of Charge. Members qualify for Bad credit record removal (ITC Clearance) services at discount rates. Members qualify for all Consumer related legal action at discounted rates with the 1st consultation Free.

Regenerative Medicine Treatment

Up to R 2,000 assistance for Regenerative Medicine Treatment. Regenerative Medicine Treatment includes Stem Cell and Cell-based treatment. Maximum 4 treatments per year at a StemMed Doctor Network Practitioner. There is a 3-month waiting period on this benefit and is only supplied by StemMed Dr’s Network.

Overall Annual Limit

No Overall Annual limit

In-Patient Hospital Treatment Accident Only

The actual cost of hospitalisation as an in-patient, including all associated services during the hospital admission at a private facility in the event of injuries sustained due to an accident. What is an accident? An accident means bodily injury caused by violent accidental and external physical means. E.g. severe injuries resulting from a vehicle accident or working with factory machinery.” Limited to R 1,250 000 per person per incident. Pre-authorisation is required.

In-Patient Hospital Stabilisation Emergency Only

The actual cost of hospitalisation as an in-patient, in the event of an emergency that necessitates the stabilisation of the patient before the patient is transferred to a public hospital. Medical procedures are excluded. “What is an emergency? An event or unexpected health condition, which if not treated immediately would result in death or serious bodily impairment. E.g. Heart attack/stroke.” Limited to R26 500 per person per incident. Pre-authorisation is required.

Out-Patient Casualty Treatment Accident Only

The benefit payable for injuries sustained as a result of a minor accident shall be limited to treatment received in a hospital emergency unit. Limited to R 6,850 per person per incident. Pre-authorisation is required.

MRI & CT Scans Accident Only

The actual cost of a MRI or CT scan necessitated as a result of an injury sustained due to an accident. Limited to R 18,000 per person per year. Pre-authorisation is required

Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapists

Physiotherapy & Occupational therapy following an in-patient hospitalisation due to an accident. Limited to a period of 3 months following the discharge from an in-patient hospitalisation incident and limited to R 3,425 per person per year. Pre-authorisation is required.

Accidental Death Benefit

Limited to R 15,000 per principal insured and first spouse dependant as well as R 5,000 per child dependant.

Emergency Services

Emergency Evacuation, including ambulance services (air or road). Inter-hospital transfers. Repatriation of mortal remains. Telephonic Medical advice (Ask a Doctor, ask a Nurse). Unity Health push to call emergency dialling and find a provider app

Special Notes